The Montgomery Academy’s Ninth Grade class recently came and toured the Alabama Middle District as part of their Experiential Learning Week program. The Experiential Learning program focuses on providing students opportunities to acquire knowledge (and skills) outside of the bounds of the traditional classroom.

The Montgomery Academy students met with Chief Judge W. Keith Watkins and Judge Myron H. Thompson. After opening remarks by Judge Watkins, the class watched a video discussing former U.S. District Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr and his significant contributions to civil society. Despite often –and nonchalantly -- exclaiming, “All I did was follow the law,” Judge Johnson’s support and defense of many “lesser” citizens left a large footprint for good.

Judges Watkins and Thompson spoke of the history of the ALMD, and the young students’ responsibility to ensure the students care about the good of all society while actively participating in such activities as voting and jury duty.