Case Management

While the Office of the Clerk is unable to provide you with legal advice, or interpret an order or pleading you may have received, we are empowered to assist you in many other ways. For instance, we can provide forms, procedural information, and answer questions regarding your court docket.


All attorneys admitted to the bar of our Court are required to register with our Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. They will then receive electronic noticing of all pleadings filed on the docket. Attorneys are not required to electronically file their pleadings.

Please review our Civil and Criminal Administrative Procedures, and familiarize yourself with our local rules. If you require assistance with the electronic filing system, please call (334) 954-3935. All IT-related questions can be directed to our IT Help Desk at (334) 954-3939.

Please remember that new actions (initiating documents) cannot be opened electronically. You must conventionally file all new actions; ink signatures are required.

Resources Provided For Pro Se Litigants

The Office of the Clerk has several resources available for pro se litigants. You may view and download forms from our website, or come to the courthouse and pick them up. These resources include our local rules, the Pro Se Guide, samples of pleadings (such as our Guide to Filing Civil Actions), and a program called the Pro Se Assistance Program (PSAP). Please be advised that the ECF filing system and the electronic noticing system are only available to registered attorneys. Pro se litigants must conventionally file and serve their pleadings; they will receive notice of Court orders via First Class mail.

Seeking Representation

The Alabama Middle District realizes that filing a case without an attorney is a difficult task. It is recommended, if possible, that you hire counsel to represent your interests. There are services available through the Alabama Bar Association, such as the Volunteer Lawyer Program,  which was created in 1990 by the Alabama State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners to provide an organized vehicle through which attorneys can volunteer their services on a pro bono basis in civil matters to indigent citizens in their community. Please check out their page for more information and services that are available to you.