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Representing Yourself in Court

Individuals who are representing themselves are appearing pro se. This Latin phrase means "for oneself" or "on one's own behalf.

The Clerk’s office will happily provide you with information and resources regarding your case in our Court. The information in Getting Started is specifically intended for individuals who are representing themselves pro se. We have many pro se forms available for your use. Click on pro se forms to download these forms.

The ALMD also participates in a Pro Se Assistance Program.  This program is designed to assist qualified parties with their pleadings.  Please be sure to review the information there to determine your interest and apply for this free program.

The information we give you is procedural in nature. Please refer to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and our local rules. Please remember that our website will not answer all of your questions; our website is a starting point only. Be advised that the Clerk and the Clerk’s Office employees are forbidden by law from giving you legal advice.