Rules, Orders & Procedures

General standing orders, local rules and practices, civil and criminal administrative procedures, and multiple types of federal rules can all be found here. While not an all-inclusive list, it is hopefully an exhaustive and very helpful collection of rules you might need to refer to during your time in our court. Specifically, you can find the Alabama Middle District’s local rules and procedures, all in PDF format.


Sample Orders

These sample orders are representative of the type of orders or formats used or required by the court. Each judge reserves the right to modify or change an order as may be necessary for the conduct of a case. These samples are provided for information to the bar and the public in general.


Magistrate Judge Consent Procedures


Employment Dispute Resolution

The Federal Judiciary is committed to the performance of its duties in an outstanding and efficient manner and to maintaining a workplace of respect, civility, fairness, tolerance, and dignity, free of discrimination and harassment. These values are essential to the Judiciary, which holds its judges and employees to the highest standards. All judges and employees are expected to treat each other accordingly.

The Alabama Middle District Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) Plan provides options for the reporting and resolving allegations of wrongful conduct (discrimination, sexual, racial, or other discriminatory harassment, abusive conduct, and retaliation) in the workplace. Early action is the best way to maintain a safe work environment. All judges, employing offices, and employees should promote workplace civility, and should take appropriate action upon receipt of reliable information indicating a likelihood of wrongful conduct under this Plan.

Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct.