Judicial Seminar Disclosure

 Judicial Seminar Disclosure

The U.S. Judicial Conference adopted a private seminars disclosure reporting policy that requires educational program providers and judges to disclose certain information relevant to judges' attendance at privately-funded educational programs.

Any organization covered by the policy that issues an invitation on or after January 1, 2007 (for a program beginning after that date), to a federal judge to attend an educational program as a speaker, panelist, or attendee and offers to pay for or reimburse that judge, in excess of $415.00, must disclose financial and programmatic information.

Alabama Middle District's Seminar Disclosure Report

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What information do I need to disclose to the AO when participating in a disclosure-required event?

You shall disclose:

  1. the name of the program provider(s);
  2. the name and/or title of the program;
  3. the dates and location(s) of the program;
  4. the various presentation topics and the speakers expected respectively to address each topic; and 
  5. all the program provider's source(s) of support, financial or otherwise, as defined by the Judicial Conference Policy on Judges' Attendance at Privately-Funded Educational Programs