Attorney Admission

Admission to the Bar of Our Court

For admission to practice in our court, attorneys must meet certain requirements that are described in this section as well as in the Application for Admission.

Pursuant to Local Rule 83.1 of the Alabama Middle District, the following persons may practice in our court:

  • attorneys who are general members of the Bar of this Court;
  • attorneys who have made their appearance via pro hac vice admission;
  • attorneys who represent the United States or any agency thereof, having the authority to appear as its counsel; and
  • attorneys who are employed by the Federal Defender Office of this District.

The application fee to be generally admitted before this bar is $261.00.  The application to continue/renew your membership in good standing is due every five years with an accompanying $85.00 fee.

Admission Process

General Admission

To be admitted, an attorney must fill out the required forms, and schedule an appearance before a district judge in our court.  Please call the Office of the Clerk at (334) 954-3600 to schedule your appointment with a district judge.  When you arrive for your swearing-in, please bring your application form and fee payment (cash or business check).  Please be advised, you will be obliged to pass through security and our screening station; make sure you allot enough time for this procedure.

If you are generally admitted to the bar of another United States District Court (not a state supreme court), you may file an original copy of a certificate of good standing along with your application to appear in our court. This original certificate will excuse you from the requirement of being sworn into the bar of our court. Please call the Office of the Clerk at (334) 954-3600 if you have any further questions.

Pro hac vice admission

To be admitted pro hac vice an attorney must file an appropriate motion, accompanied by a certificate of good standing from another USDC and the $100.00 filing fee -- per action -- in our court.  All signatures on conventional pleadings need to be ink signatures, and not e-signatures.

United States Bankruptcy Court

For information about the requirements for attorney appearances in the Bankruptcy Court, please contact the Bankruptcy Court at (334) 954-3800, or visit their website.