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General Orders

Numbersort descending General Order Name Category
GO-3910-07 In Re Criminal Proceedings By Video or Audio Conference Miscellaneous
GO-3910-06 In Re: Use of Face Coverings or Masks in Courthouses Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Miscellaneous
GO-3910-05 In Re Public Access to Video or Teleconference Hearings Miscellaneous
GO-3910-04 In Re Criminal Proceedings By Video or Audio Conference Miscellaneous
GO-3910-03 Restrictions on Visitors to the Court and Temporary Suspension of Paper Filing Requirements Miscellaneous
GO-3910-02 Court Operations Under Covid-19 Miscellaneous
GO-3910-01 Restrictions on Visitors to Courthouse Miscellaneous
GO 3018 (4) Amended Order re Attorney Pro Hac Vice Admission Fee All Cases
GO-3105 General Order re Mandatory and Standard Conditions of Probation or Supervised Release (ed.02/17) Criminal
GO-3746 Standing Order re residual clause of the ACCA Criminal
GO-3744 General Order re Johnson v. United States 135 S. Ct. 2551 (2015) Criminal
GO-3100 General Order re Professional Liability Insurance Reimbursement Plan Miscellaneous
General Order re Chief District Judge Representation to 11th Circuit Judicial Conference Miscellaneous
General Order re Bankruptcy Matters Bankruptcy
General Order re Bankruptcy Judges Conducting Jury Trials Bankruptcy
General Order re Fee for Handling Registry Funds Financial
General Order re ServisFirst Bankof Montgomery re Registry Funds Financial
GO-3570 General Order re Local Rule 83.4(g) Security Policy
Memorandum re Screening Procedures for Attorneys Security Policy
GO-3234 General Order re Building Security Committee for the ALMD Security Policy
GO-3208 General Order re Protection of Law Enforcement Officers While Serving Court Orders Security Policy
GO-3046 General Order re Photography, Broadcasting, Recording, and Electronic Devices Security Policy
General Order re Wearing of ID Badges Security Policy
GO-3154 General Order re Demonstrations, Parades, or Solicitations Security Policy
GO-3019 General Order re Procedure for Attorneys Fee Fund Attorneys