On Thursday (May 19) the Alabama Middle District and Judge Myron H. Thompson hosted the KIPP South Fulton Academy fifth grade for the morning.  After checking in, the group was able to attend a sentencing, followed up with a session in the Frank M. Johnson library with Judge Thompson.

Entering its twelfth year now, the program’s activities involved many members of the Clerk’s Office: two Court Room Deputies, our Jury Administrator, Judge Thompson’s law clerks, and one of ALMD's staff court reporters. Thursday’s group from the KIPP Academy included over 50 fifth graders, and the program has seen nearly 1000 student participants since its inception.

After attending the sentencing, the students enjoyed a question-and-answer period with Judge Thompson, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the case, the Federal Defender attorney, and a member of the Probation staff. The students were asked about the case, and specifically asked what amount of punishment they would have deemed the actions of the defendant merited. Then they spent the remainder of their time asking the members of the panel questions.