On Thursday, June 30, the Alabama Middle District hosted a group from the Britton YMCA. The students, ranging from 7th grade to 11th grade, participate in a teen summer enrichment program that challenges them with activities that foster character and leadership development.

As part of their visit with the ALMD, the students met privately with Chief Judge W. Keith Watkins, and he spent time explaining how our court works and fits into the scheme of civics. Judge Watkins then answered their questions, which ranged from how many cases a week does Judge Watkins preside over, to what training and education he received prior to becoming a judge, and even whether he maintains personal social media accounts.  (Judge Watkins does not, by the way.)

The students and their leader, Cynthia, observed two sentencings presided by Judge Watkins. They then took photos with Judge Watkins, and had an opportunity to meet his courtroom staff and ask more questions about the procedures they had just observed.

If your group or classroom is interested in visiting the ALMD, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.