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Home » News » ALMD Implements Electronic Submission of Magistrate Consent Forms

ALMD Implements Electronic Submission of Magistrate Consent Forms

The Alabama Middle District announces implementation of an electronic submission of "Magistrate Consent Forms" in civil cases in which a Magistrate Judge is assigned as presiding Judge. Previously, attorneys were required to prepare and mail these forms to the Clerk's Office.

A link has been placed in the menu of CM/ECF to submit these forms to the Clerk's Office. The process is for civil cases only and includes:

  1. Login to CM/ECF;
  2. Select the link located on the menu under initial pleadings and service "Magistrate Consent Form";
  3. Follow the steps to electronically prepare the PDF document through CM/ECF;
  4. Include the full name of the party you represent in the appropriate space provided on the document;
  5. Once you have completed the form, click the EMAIL CONSENT FORM button; and
  6. A message will indicate that the form has been successfully submitted.

 NOTE:  You will NOT receive a "Notice of Electronic filing" as this process does not enter the form on the docket. This process provides an electronic means to provide your form to the Clerk's Office and eliminates the need for mailing. If you choose, you may still mail in your forms. Once the Clerk's Office has received a "Magistrate Consent Form" from all parties, the docket clerks will make an entry on the Court's docket.

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