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Transcripts and Archives

Court Reporting Services

Guardianship of the record of courtroom proceedings is a key and historic responsibility of the court. Each court session and proceeding designated by statute, court rule, general order, or by order of an individual judge is recorded verbatim by stenotype or electronic sound recording equipment.

A court reporter (and court recorder) plays a significant role in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the record. District judges select their preferred method of preserving the record. All stenotype reporters in the Alabama Middle District are real-time (simultaneous) reporters. The proceedings before magistrate judges are usually electronically recorded. Electronic audio recordings may be purchased from the Clerk's Office, or a transcript may be ordered.

The Alabama Middle District has three staff court reporters. Patricia Starkie can be contacted at (334) 262-1221, Blanton Callen can be contacted at (334) 412-3507, and Katie Sears-Silas can be contacted at (334) 315-0363.

Court reporting students who are completing their internship are invited to come sit with one of our staff reporters to accrue hours for their judicial internship requirements. Please contact Patricia Starkie, Blanton Callen, or Katie Sears-Silas for more information and scheduling.


Criminal cases 2007 to the present, and civil cases 2008 to the present, will not be archived. These files are available electronically on PACER. You are able to request certified or uncertified photocopies of selected documents or the entire case file directly from the Clerk's Office.  

If you need to retrieve a file, you will need to provide the accession, location and box number(s) to Clerk's Office. Our archived files are stored in Atlanta, Georgia. If you have any further questions, please contact the Office of the Clerk at (334) 954-3600. Please have the case number handy, so that we can more efficiently assist you.

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