YMCA Judicial State Competition Returned to the Middle District

YMCA 2022 Judicial State Competition image

The weekend of November 4, 2022 saw the return of the Middle District’s hosting the YMCA Judicial State Competition. Friday night’s events included our Chief Judge, Emily C. Marks, offering opening remarks and swearing in the event judges.

YMCA Judicial Chief Judge

The Alabama Middle District has played host to this event for over a decade, and very recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has had to pause. We were only too happy to return to hosting this event. On that Saturday, the courthouse opened its doors for over twelve hours, and the courtrooms held four or more rounds of intense judicial competition.

YMCA Judicial Counsel

The Judicial State Competition utilizes students as bailiffs and deputies, judges, witnesses, and attorneys. This year’s scenario involved high schoolers at a party, and a tragic ending for one of them.

YMCA Judicial Judge