Alabama Middle District Mourns Death of Former Magistrate Judge

The Middle District of Alabama mourns the loss of our friend and former colleague, Judge John Carroll.  Chief United States District Judge Emily Marks noted, “Judge Carroll served our Court and the citizens of this district honorably as a United States Magistrate Judge for fourteen years, from 1986 until 2001. He was an acclaimed scholar, a distinguished jurist, and a man of noted vision.”  Judge Marks continued, “We are honored to have the oral history of Judge Carroll on our public website and included in that archival treasure is the passage from Proverbs ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish,’ one of Judge Carroll’s favorite inspirational quotes.”

The Court extends our deepest sympathy to Judge Carroll’s wife Susan, his daughter Catherine, and his entire family. The death of Judge Carroll will not end his lifetime of educational advancement and good works. The Cumberland Veterans Legal Assistance Clinic, a passion of Judge Carroll’s, is but one example of his projects that will continue to provide value, meaning and genuine goodwill throughout the community, state and nation.  We shall miss Judge Carroll, his kindness, and gentle smile, but are grateful for the opportunity to have shared the pathway of life with him.