Yes. A very common action filed by pro se litigants in federal court is alleged employment discrimination. Prior to filing an employment discrimination complaint, the plaintiff is required to follow specific administrative procedures.

NOTE: This is not a complete statement of the law or the administrative procedures to follow in an employment discrimination case. The procedures are complicated, and it is the pro se litigant's responsibility to make sure that all procedures are followed correctly and within the applicable time limit. If the requirements are not followed, your case may be dismissed.

If you wish to file an employment discrimination case in this court, you must first file your charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) where your case will be reviewed. Barring complications, the EEOC will issue you a Notice of Right to Sue indicating that (i) the administrative process has been completed, and (ii) no further action will be taken on behalf of the EEOC. Once this notice has been issued, you have a limited time period within which to file your lawsuit; failure to file a complaint within that time period will result in your case being dismissed by the court. A Notice of Right to Sue is not issued where the charges allege employment discrimination based on age; however, not having such a notice will not prevent you from filing an employment discrimination complaint based on this premise.

When drafting your complaint, you must ensure the information you include is legible and accurate to the best of your knowledge. When filing your complaint with the Clerk's Office, you must present the Right to Sue Notice which will be included as part of your case.