ECF unregistered attorneys applying to appear pro hac vice must file a motion/application for pro hac vice. This motion should include an original Certificate of Good Standing (less than six (6) months old) from another United States District Court where the attorney is admitted to practice, and the registration fee. The documents, along with payment of the requisite fee, must be delivered to the Clerk's Office in Montgomery.

ECF-registered attorneys who wish to enter a new pro hac vice appearance may electronically file (1) the motion/application for pro hac vice with supporting documentation, (2) a scanned PDF copy of the original Certificate of Good Standing, and (3) any other document(s) to be filed in the case. Their application fee should be overnighted to the Office of the Clerk; the fee is required for the application to be considered complete.

After leave to appear pro hac vice has been granted, the attorney shall have five (5) days -- if necessary -- to register for electronic filing.