The Clerk's Office maintains an automated record, or docket, for every case. This docket is a chronological summary of all significant events in the history of the case. For example, each time you file a document or appear for a hearing, an entry summarizing the event is added to the case docket. You may view the docket (and specific documents) on the public access terminal located in the Clerk's Office at the public computer desk. The Clerk's Office is prepared to assist you. If you would like to print documents when you come to the Clerk's Office, there is a per page expense of $0.50 or, if you are printing from the public terminal a cost of $0.10 per page.

As an alternative, you may access the court's automated PACER system which allows you to review your case docket directly from your PC or Mac. However, in order to use this system you must call the PACER Service Center at (800) 676-6856 and obtain a login and password. You may also visit their website at Using PACER online costs only $0.10 per page and registering for a PACER account is free of charge.

The Clerk's Office staff can also provide basic docket information to you over the telephone. We can only let you know what is on the docket and cannot either interpret it for you or advise you in any way.