The first page of any document you file with the court should always contain a case caption. Rule 10(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure explains how the caption should look. Basically, you name the plaintiff(s) (you and any other persons bringing the suit or another party who has brought a suit against you) and the defendant(s) (if you are the person being sued, this is you, or if you are initiating the lawsuit, the persons you believe have injured you).

The following is a list of other formatting requirements when filing documents in this court:

  • 8-1/2" x 11" white paper using a black pen in English.
  • The title of the document being filed in the case caption. For example, if you are filing a Motion for Appointment of Counsel, "MOTION FOR APPOINTMENT OF COUNSEL" should be included in the caption or just under.
  • A statement of what you are asking of the court.
  • A signature including your address, telephone number and date signed.
  • A certificate of service must be included with all filings.

All documents related to your case must be filed with the Clerk's Office. Additional copies of filings and attachment(s) are not required, however, you are responsible for making copies of anything you submit to the court for your records.