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This section of our website assists you in determining your standing in the Alabama Middle District and provides links to help you submit an application for admission, request a Certificate of Good Standing, and confirm your status. There are basically two types of standing in the ALMD: you may be generally admitted, or you may be a member with pro hac vice status. You may visit the Attorney Admission section for more information regarding those processes.

For our CJA attorneys, we've collected some forms and general information as well. The ALMD has begun participation in the eVoucher program.  You may learn more about this in the CJA section, which includes electronic learning modules and instructional manuals. Feel free to log in to the eVoucher program, or contact the Federal Defenders for more information.

Daily calendars and our court sessions/terms, standing orders and procedures, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) housed under their corresponding icons. For information regarding ordering and/or viewing archived documents, ordering transcripts, and contacting our court reporters, browse the transcripts and archives icons. For contact information or more general information regarding our judges and our courtrooms, browse through the Judges and Courtrooms page. Technology and Training will walk you through our courtroom features, guide you in best presenting your cases, and allow you to take advantage of our free training opportunities for you and your staff.

Quick links to ECF and PACER are in your Electronic Filing section as well as information on registering, how to file pleadings electronically, and what to do when the Clerk's Office is closed for the day.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Office of the Clerk at (334) 954-3600. We will be happy to assist you.

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