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Home » About » The Frank M. Johnson Jr Federal Courthouse Complex (Montgomery)

The Frank M. Johnson Jr Federal Courthouse Complex (Montgomery)

The Frank M. Johnson Jr U.S. Courthouse Complex houses several different organizations.  Besides our Clerk's Office, our occupants include Probation, U.S.Marshal services, Eleventh Circuit sitting judges, a U.S.senator, and the offices of the Government Services Agency (GSA) that maintain this facility.

Clerk's Office

The Clerk's Office is located in the Montgomery courthouse, and is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.

Attorneys filing in the Middle District of Alabama are allowed to file electronically. Pro se litigants may not file electronically. Documents that are not to be filed electronically per the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual may be filed conventionally:

  • The Montgomery courthouse: All documents that are not subject to electronic filing are filed and maintained at One Church Street, Montgomery AL, 36104.

Arrival at the Courthouse

A person who wishes to observe a court in session may check the court calendar online or at the courthouse and watch a proceeding. Our Constitution and court tradition give citizens right of access to court proceedings. Citizens gain confidence in the courts by seeing judicial work in action, and learn first-hand how the judicial system works.

Weapons or other dangerous or illegal items are not allowed on the grounds or in the building. Visitors are welcome to bring backpacks and other bags but must keep belongings with them at all times.  Cell phones are not allowed in the building.  Please leave them in your car.

You must remember that a court is a very formal place; please act in an appropriate manner. You do not need to "dress up" to visit a court but you should make sure that you wear clothes that are appropriate. Sunglasses, identification tags (other than military), display buttons, and inappropriate clothing may not be worn in the Courtroom when Court is in session.

Public Accommodations

Our building has ramp access at both entry locations.  Elevators at both entrances are ready to take you to your destination.

At the Church street entrance, restrooms are located (1) on the sides of the staircase on the first floor, (2) on either side of the lobby/atrium of the second floor, and (3) off the Grand Jury room in the basement.  Water fountains are available near each restroom site.

For their convenience, our court has both an Attorney's Lounge and a Press Lounge.  They are located on the second floor; both are available for use during normal operational hours.

Where to Park

There is very little free parking surrounding our courthouse.  Jurors may park in the specified lots, as directed by the Juror Administrator.

Street parking around the courthouse requires change.  The meters accept nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Where to Dine

Montgomery’s downtown is booming! Within walking distance of the courthouse are small independent shops, as well as regional and national favorites.  Directly across from the corner of our building is Smoothies-N-Things. Nearby you can also find Sa Za Serious Italian Food, Wintzell’s Oyster House, Dreamland BBQ, Chris’ Hotdogs, Irish Bred Pub, and Mama’s Sack Lunches. The Courthouse also has a snack bar and vending machines located in the basement of the Annex, and vending machines only in Room 107 of the historic courthouse.

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