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Home » General Information re Criminal and Civil Matters

General Information re Criminal and Civil Matters

Criminal Matters

Criminal Justice Act (CJA) and Indigent Defendents

The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) (United States Code: Title 18, § 3006A) provides federal funds for attorneys, experts, and services necessary for the adequate representation of indigent defendants.

In addition to overseeing payment to counsel and experts, the CJA Unit serves as a resource for panel members in their representation of indigent clients. See A Guide to Administrative Procedures Under the CJA for more information.

Pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act and the Guidelines for Administering the CJA and Related Statutes, Volume 7, Part A, Guide to the Judiciary Policy, the judges of the Alabama Middle District adopted this plan for furnishing representation in federal court for any person financially unable to obtain adequate representation in accordance with the CJA.

The Criminal Justice Act Panel

The Criminal Justice Act Panel is a group of qualified and court-approved attorneys who are eligible for appointment by the Court to represent individuals in criminal cases who are unable for financial reasons to retain counsel. The appointments are made by the Court on a rotating basis among members of the panel.

Attorneys who wish to apply for membership to the CJA panel should fill out this application and mail it to the ALMD Chief Magistrate Judge or directly to the Federal Defenders for the Middle District of Alabama.

For more information regarding our CJA attorney resources, such as forms and training.

Central Violations Bureau (CVB)

The Central Violations Bureau (CVB) is a national center charged with processing violation notices (tickets) issued and payments received for petty offenses committed on federal property. This site is designed to allow on-line payments of FEDERAL TICKETS ONLY!

You can find many frequently asked questions on the CVB website. Feel free to contact the Clerk’s Office at (334) 954-3600 if we can assist you.

NOTICE: If you fail to pay the amount due or to appear in court on the date and time scheduled, the United States District Court may issue a summons ordering you to appear or issue a warrant for your arrest. If you are charged with a motor-vehicle violation, the court may also report your failure to pay or appear to your state's motor-vehicle or driver-licensing agency, which may affect your driving privileges, or your vehicle registration, or both.

Payment Mailing Address

Central Violations Bureau
P.O. Box 71363
Philadelphia, PA 19176-1363

Correspondence Mailing Address

Central Violations Bureau
P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio, TX 78278-0549         
Phone: (800) 827-2982 or (210) 301-6400         
Fax: (210) 301-6401         
Email the CVB                       

Sample (image) of a federal ticket.

Civil Matters

When in the Alabama Middle district (as a practicing attorney or as a pro se litigant) please be aware that you are responsible for your actions.

Please review our procedures and practices for civil cases, found in our Civil Administrative Procedures, our ALMD Guidelines to Civil Discovery Practice, and our local rules.

Pro se litigants can find more information on our Representing Yourself page.

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