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Criminal Case Information

Criminal Discovery (cr misc 534)

ECF Administrative Procedures

Q. Why do I continue to receive electronic notices of documents filed in cases where my obligation to represent the defendant has expired?
A. In this district, an attorney who represents a defendant in a criminal case is obligated to represent the defendant through the appeal stage of the case, if an appeal is filed. Upon disposition of the appeal, or expiration of the time for filing an appeal, any attorney who does not wish to receive future e-notices in a case, must file a motion to withdraw as counsel. Notices will be electronically transmitted until there is a court order allowing you to withdraw from the case.

Criminal Trial Terms

Challenges to Admissibility of Drug-Test Results (cr misc 557)

Guilty Pleas

Appointed Counsel (Criminal Justice Act)

Foreign Language Interpreting

Central Violations Bureau

The Central Violations Bureau (CVB) is a national center charged with processing violation notices (tickets) issued and payments received for petty offenses committed on federal property. This site is designed to allow on-line payments of FEDERAL TICKETS ONLY! Click here to see an image of a federal ticket.

Disposition of Habeas Corpus Petitions in Capital Cases (3009)