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E-mail Addresses for Proposed Orders

According to the Civil and Criminal Administrative Procedures (found under Reference Materials), in addition to electronically filing the text of a proposed order as a PDF attachment to a motion or stipulation, attorneys are encouraged to send a Word or WordPerfect version of the proposed order to the judge as an attachment to an e-mail with the case number and style included in the subject line. If the judge approves, it will be electronically signed and filed with the Court (under another document number).

To contact the judge, please send your e-mail to the address listed below:

Judge W. Harold Albritton
Judge Wallace Capel 
Judge Charles S. Coody
Judge Paul W. Greene
Judge Terry F. Moorer
Judge Myron H. Thompson Contact Judge's chamber for the appropriate email address.
Judge Susan Russ Walker
Judge W. Keith Watkins
Judge Gray M. Borden