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Naturalization FAQ

Where is the nearest staffed Immigration Office?

The office that services us in the Middle District of Alabama is located in Atlanta.

What are the phone numbers for the office in Atlanta?

  • Regular Toll-free 1-800-375-5283
  • TDD for hearing impaired 1-800-767-1833
  • Toll-free for Military 1-877-247-4645

(these are automated system - if you need to speak with a person you will be given an options to do so)

What's a good source of general information about the naturalization process?

Try this website:

Which forms are needed?

To best answer this you will need to contact the headquarter office and state what you are trying to achieve. They will tell you exactly which forms you will need. Once you have been given these forms you may contact this office to see if these are some of the forms that we maintain.

Forms may also be obtained by calling 1-800-870-3676 and the forms will be mailed directly to you.

Do you have the Immigration Forms?

Our office does maintain some of the Immigration Forms, although, most forms can be found here.

There are some forms that can be e-Filed. Information on these is located here

How often do you have ceremonies in your court?

Ceremonies in our Court are usually held in February, May, July and October. The dates may vary and this is dependent on the headquarters office and if there are any candidates to be naturalized at this particular time.