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General FAQ

What are the Court's physical and mailing addresses?

Click here to view the court’s addresses.

Where is the Clerk's office located?

Clerk’s office is located on the first floor of the new curvilinear building of the Frank M. Johnson Federal Courthouse Complex at One Church Street, Montgomery, Alabama.

What are your office hours?

We are open Monday through Friday (with the exception of Federal Holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Does the court accept personal checks?

The court does not generally accept personal checks. However we will take personal checks from attorneys that are admitted to practice in this court.


The Clerk’s office accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, and cash. Please note that the Clerk’s office does NOT make or keep change for case payments.

How can I obtain a copy of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? The Local Rules?

Please click here for links to the Rules.

How can I access old cases that have been archived?

If you are wishing to obtain a file that has been archived with the National Archives and Records Administration in Atlanta, GA, please call the Clerk’s Office. We must look up the Location, Box numbers, and Accession numbers, so that the file can be located by Archives. If you wish to view the file, you may visit to obtain information about contacting the facility where the file is located. Additionally, you may pay our office a retrieval fee. When the file arrives at the Clerk’s Office, you can view it there.

What is the cost of photocopy requests?

To see our Court’s fee schedule, please click here.

May I use the court library?

Click here for the library policies and procedures for visitors not employed with Federal Courts.