Address Change
Middle District of Alabama

CM/ECF Registration


An attorney whose e-mail address, mailing address, telephone or fax number has changed shall timely file a Notice of Change of Address in every active case in which that attorney is attorney of record.

Additionally, any ECF ATTORNEY must also update his or her user account in the System. This update must be effected prior to the electronic filing of the Notices of Change of Address.

Once we establish an attorney's CM/ECF account based on their registration(s) submitted, changes to e-mail address, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc. should be made by the attorney (or staff). You can make these changes by logging on to CM/ECF using the login and password we provided.

The attorney's CM/ECF login for the US District Court for the Middle District of Alabama will be constructed as follows:
The attorney's last name in lower case (the first 4 letters or if the last name has fewer than 4 letters, the remaining spaces will be filled in with x's) followed by the last four digits of the user's social security number.) The exception to this rule will be for those attorneys who have registered for E-FILING and who have requested the same login they use at another court.

The initial password will correspond to the last four digits of the social security number followed by the first four letters of the last name in lower case (or x-filled if fewer). Example: For John Doe with ssn 999-99-9999, the login will be: doex9999 and the initial password will be: 9999doex.
Once logged in:
  • Click the Utilities menu,
  • Then click Maintain Your Account.
  • At the bottom of the screen that contains the attorney's name and address, click on e-mail information to change e-mail information, or
  • More User Information to change password,
  • Make your changes on that screen,
  • Click Return to Account Screen,
  • Then click Submit .
  • If you get a screen that then questions which cases you want this information updated to, select "all" which is the default.

You can also change address and phone information through the main account screen.

If you need help walking through this, please call us on our help line (334.954.3935).

If you try to make the changes but find that the system will not permit you to change your address record in CM/ECF (for example: if your address is the address of a FIRM that may be used for other attorneys also), please click HERE to update this information. Please note that this does NOT relieve you of the responsibility of filing a notice of change of address in any and all pending cases before this court.