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Technology Overview

The “How To” of Digital Evidence Presentation

United States District Court Middle District of Alabama

W. Keith Watkins, Chief Judge

Debra P. Hackett, Clerk of Court


Consumers are often amazed at the speed at which technology changes their daily routines. Global positioning satellites plotting the course while one drives a car, retinal scanners in high-security areas and even grocery store bar codes and checkout scanners all change the way people go through the day.


Litigators are no exception.


Technology may change the trial as we know it. From the banks of the Thames to the banks of the Mississippi, courts are experimenting with new technology, transforming the art of litigation into the science of litigation.

David Horrigan

“Courting Trial Technology”


Evidence Presentation

The United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, located in Montgomery, has installed new Courtroom Technology in each of its Courtrooms. We offer training to give attorneys an opportunity see how this technology can benefit their clients, and to try out the technology in a classroom atmosphere. Training will be ongoing, as new attorneys are admitted to the Federal Court. There is no cost associated with the training. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

District Courtroom Features


• 17” Flat Panel Touch Screen Monitor — controls for all components at Judge and Deputy benches

• Judge Override System

Attorney Tables

• 15” LCD Monitors

• System Access for Notebook computer in District Courtrooms (one at each counsel table)


• Four 17” Flat Panel Monitors

• Additional monitors available as needed


• 17” Flat Panel Monitor with annotation


• 2 Spectator Monitors

Evidence Presentation Lectern

• Microphone

• Digital Document Camera

• VCR and DVD

• Annotation Monitor

• PC with Video Capture capability

• Additional Audio and Video Inputs

Audio System

• Bench Conference with Pink Noise

• Wireless Microphone System

• Assisted Listening Headsets for both hearing impaired and second language

• Interpreter headset & boom microphone

Available Upon Request

Video conferencing and remote witness testimony are available upon request and at the discretion of the Judge.

Training Offerings

Training is conducted by appointment only. To make the experience more personal and allow for more hands-on opportunity, class size is limited to 6 participants.  

Customized classes are available upon request. Classes can be scheduled to accommodate class sizes, employees from a single law firm, or a specific date.

To schedule your training or for answers to other questions, please call the Help Desk at 334-954-3935 or e-mail