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Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

PACER and Fee Exemption Guidance

PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. As the Judiciary's principal program providing remote electronic access, PACER provides the public with a window to view the court's case management system.

The Electronic Public Access (EPA) fee schedule lists the rates set by the Judicial Conference for remote access to the court's electronic case files. Fees are currently set at $.10 per page for access through the Internet version of PACER, with a billing cap of 30 pages per document. The cap applies to case-specific reports and documents in the case file, with one exception: transcripts of court proceedings, where available, are exempt from the cap.

There is no charge to register for a PACER account and you do not need to be an attorney to register. Nominal users of PACER - those that incur less than $15 of fees in a quarterly billing cycle - never see a bill. The fee schedule also specifies two other types of users who will be exempt from fees: those who perform work that is funded by Judiciary appropriations, and those who are granted a fee exemption at a local court level.