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Debra P. Hackett, Clerk of Court


Debra P. Hacket has served as Clerk of Court since 1999. Prior to her work here, she served as Circuit Clerk and Register of the 15th Judicial Circuit (Montgomery County) from 1983 until her appointment to the Middle District of Alabama in 1999.


The University of Alabama, B.A., 1978
Cumberland School of Law, J.D., 1981

Events and Outreach

In addition to their regular judicial duties of issuing orders, hearing cases, and handling administrative matters, the Judges of the Alabama Middle District regularly engage in judicial outreach programs for the benefit of the community.

Courthouse Visits

Public school and private school classes, as well as civic organizations, are invited to observe certain court proceedings. Arrangements must be made in advance. Some proceedings are closed to the public, while other proceedings may not be suitable for young children.

Case Management

While the Office of the Clerk is unable to provide you with legal advice, or interpret an order or pleading you may have received, we are empowered to assist you in many other ways. For instance, we can provide forms, procedural information, and answer questions regarding your court docket.

Participating in Court

There are many ways you can participate in our court's proceedings. Whether you are a litigant, witness, family member and/or a member of the public wishing to observe the judicial branch in action, you are welcome here.

The information in this section will help prepare you for your time in our courthouse.


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